The Chateau Marmont - Post 2 - LA to SF in 10 days

Written By Michele Amar - October 13 2013


July 14 2015

Hey Paul! I love that room as well! We stayed in a higher floor there, i can’t remember the room number but it just wasn’t the same. The decor is actually completely different which I hadn’t expected. Thanks for reading!

Paul Judelson
July 14 2015

I have stayed at the Chateau Marmont for years and Room 16 is my favorite. (I’m staying there now.) It’s just up the stairs from the front desk and the perfect size for my taste. Not too large – but the windows are quite large and wonderful. It’s an oasis on weekends when I’m in LA.

I enjoyed your post on the Chateau Marmont. My instagram is pjudelson.

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